The congregation of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (SABS) also known as Adoration Congregation is an indigenous religious congregation for women of Pontifical right, belonging to the Syro- Malabar Archiepiscopal church. Started with 5 members and having completed a glorious 105 years in its history the SABS congregation has now grown like a ‘mustard seed’ taking roots in 105 dioceses spread across the globe and radiate the Eucharistic presence through perpetual adoration and various ministries. At present, the SABS has about 5000 sisters spread over 17 provinces and 5 regions in 616 houses.

Having being established a hundred years back, starting with educational activities and institutions, apart from that now we are actively involved in hospital ministry, social initiative, press media, parish ministry and above all act as mediators for the pressing needs of the current time through incessant adoration before the Holy Eucharist. We have colleges, school and other training institutions such as special schools under our management. Moreover we run manifold hospices, old age homes, hospitals, dispensaries, mental asylum etc. which provide care and continued support for the poor needy, the physically and mentally challenged, the orphans, the destitute, the oppressed, the exploited and the marginalized around us. For us, every field of activity is an avenue to promote Eucharistic devotion and foster gospel values.


God in His infinite mercy caused the congregation of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament to be founded and allowed us to enter into His Eucharistic Covenant. Our Religious Congregation had its origin in a cow shed. Indeed the congregation is fortunate enough to have its origin in surroundings similar to that is Bethlehem. It originated from the deep, divine experience of Venerable Thomas Kurialacherry, an ardent devotee of the Holy Eucharist. The inner call received by him was that the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament must be known, loved and adored by all, always and everywhere. He pursued this inspiration with courage, stability and absolute trust and founded the Adoration Congregation on 8th December 1908 at Champakulam, Changanacherry diocese, Kerala. He shared this charism with, the Co-foundress, the first member of the Congregation, Mother Mary Francisca de Chantal.


The Charism of our congregation is the devotion to the Holy Eucharist (Divyakarunya Bhakti), which consists in a life of total surrender, result of a deep experience of the presence of the Eucharistic Lord within our hearts. The core of this devotion is a deep personal attachment to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer ourselves as pleasing sacrifice to God for the reparation of the sins of the world and to bring the entire creation to the Father through the Eucharistic Lord.

Our Spirituality

Our spirituality is the Eucharistic spirituality centered on the Holy Eucharist and the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, which consists in becoming holocausts in order to give life to others.

Our Spirit

The spirit of our congregation is self- sacrifice (Kenosis), the essence of which is an attitude of self- gift and asceticism. It demands from us a readiness to give up all that we are and all that we have for the love of God.

Our Identity

Our identity lies in being genuine adorers, in truth and spirit with Jesus who is ever present in the Holy Eucharist. It enables us to discern the divine presence in others and in the creation as a whole.

Our Apostolate

Eucharistic Apostolate

Prime importance is given to the Eucharistic apostolate. It was the desire of the Founder to have this Eucharistic devotion in every SABS and insisted on having a holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament, praying for the salvation of all and in reparation for the sins of the whole world. Fulfilling his desire, the Congregation as a whole, continues the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament day and night covering whole year. Perpetual adoration is being conducted in various centers in Kerala and other places like Vijayawada, Delhi, Warrangal, Ootty, Orissa, Jagdalpur, Gwalior,Dimapur, Ujjain, Imphal, Rajkot,Rayagada, Nalgonda, Karnool, Cicily,Germany and Africa

Other Apostolate

To share the Eucharistic love with the brethren and thus to draw all to the table of the Eucharistic Lord, besides the Eucharistic Apostolate, SABS extends their services in the fields of Education, Parish Ministry,Healing services, Social Welfare ,Press Media,Family Apostolate and other Missionary activities according to the needs of the time and place.