Message of mother provincial

My Dear Sisters,

I am extremely happy about the launching of the website. I wish you all the best. In today’s world connectedness has a very important role to play. The entire world experiences this connectedness where ever we are. To be connected with the SABS family is to be appreciated by all those who are related to our Congregation in one way or the other. Let us promote this family venture with much enthusiasm that we are connected to promote the values of building a better society. May the Almighty who connected us be our support and guide.When used wisely, modern means of communication such as the internet, social networks and text messages are “a gift of God” according to Pope Francis. Pope continues, “It is not technology which determines whether or not communication is authentic, but rather the human heart and our capacity to use wisely the means at our disposal.”


The Pavitrathma province of SABS (Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament) has been outstanding for its missionary spirit over the last 50 years. Following the example of Jesus in the Eucharist, many SABS sisters have left their beloved parents, nurturing homeland, travelled far and wide in order to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth.

God planted the seed of mission spirit in 1966 and He gave the growth slowly but steadily brick by brick, the new foundation developed. Let me remember with all those great and zealous hearted pioneers whose strong faith, courageous spirit and zeal for imparting the charism and spirit of our congregation, constituted the core of mission life. Province took up the painful task of starting mission centres in far and remote villages of different states of North India like M.P, Odisha, U.P, C.G, Visakapatnam, Jharkhand and in abroad like Germany and Italy.

As I reminiscence over the 50 years of the existence of pavitrathma province, the growth and development that realized through the five commendable decades, my heart fills with joy, love and admiration. The spirit of the Lord was upon pavitrathma province to continue its journey towards the heights of success.

The most overwhelming experience of His hands on the soul of the province that I feel is His presence in the Divya Jyothi region, sprouting at Odisha. We the SABS of the pavitrathma province can sing with the same feelings of the Psalmist ‘O praise the Lord all you nations’ for the manifold blessings and graces which we have received during the past 50 years of our presence in the North.

I wish and pray that the launching of the website, another milestone in the history of its development, may create a greater collaborative environment in the province, where frequent exchange of information and sharing of ideas take place leading to further growth and development of the province.

With much Love & Affection,

Sr.Annie Valiyaveedu SABS
Provincial superior
Pavitrathma province, Jagdalpur