The 2nd Vatican Council which was held from 1963 – 1965 has conscientised all the individual churches their obligation to proclaim the faith and salvation, which comes from Christ. Responding to this missionary call for evangelization after the great historical council we the S.A.B.S stepped out of Kerala to the other parts of our country. St.Thomas Province Changanacherry carried the message of Christ towards the central part of Madhya Pradesh among the ignorant and non – Christian people in Jhansi diocese and established its first missionary convent at Morar in Gwalior on 30th June 1966. The main apostolic activities were teaching in an English medium school, social activities and health services.

After three years we extended our mission apostolic work in Balasore diocese in Orissa, the eastern part of India and established the 2nd convent in Barbil on 22nd January 1969. Late Msgr. Jacob Vadakkevettil guided our path and helped us to flourish in Orissa in two districts with six convents. We are having the apostolic activities in diocesan schools, dispensary, social work centers, free boarding and formation house. Here we work among our brethren in very remote areas too.

In 1972 we were invited and welcomed to Jagdalpur diocese in Bastar district, the southern part of Madhya Pradesh by His Excellency Late Bishop Paulinus Jeerakath. Here we started our apostolate in diocesan schools, dispensary, free boarding, and socio- pastoral and developmental activities. Filled with Eucharistic love, our sisters stepped into the very remote area of Potanar among the illiterate and custom – ridden Adivasis. The newly started mentally retarded school in Jagdalpur diocese showed our interest and love for the abandoned ones. The onward journeys of missionaries were fastened by the divine providence of our Eucharistic Lord along the able leadership of our provincials of the Mother Province, Rev.Mother Jerose, Rev.Mother Espirith, Re.Mother Martin Mary, Rev.Mother Petit Therese, Rev.Mother Joyce Mary, Rev.Mother Benjamin Mary, Rev.Mother Agnes Therese, Rev.Mother Rose Kate and Rev.Mother Anette Chalangady.

By 1976, we expanded and extended our services to Ettawah mission in Agra, U.P and other areas of M.P & Orissa., having 8 convents and 60 missionaries. As the number of sisters and convents increased and also due to the vastness of the area, the administration by the mother province became difficult. Hence in the year 1986, the general synaxis took the decision to form regions for North India for better and convenient administration. Thus Pavithratma Region was erected on 3rd July 1986. It was officially declared by the superior general Rev.Mother Delphina SABS during the concelebrated mass and appointed Sr.Liberta as the first regional superior. Pushpa Nivas at Jagdalpur was made as the regional house. Sr.Libertha completed her term of office for 3 ½ years and in 1990 Sr. Concepta was appointed as the 2nd Regional superior.

Together with this we started to recruit candidates for this region and began to give formation for the missionaries in mission area. At this juncture we are happy to mention that dear Monsignor Jacob Vadakkevettil the Apostolate Administrator of Balasore donated a well furnished Aspirants house, dispensary and 1 ½ acres of land at Garhdeulia, in Orissa for this region. Also our beloved Bishop Mar Paulinus Jeerakath CMI at Jagdalpur has donated us 8 acres of land at Tellimarenga to construct a formation house. The mother province at Changanacherry was very keen and generous to extend the needful guidelines and encouragement to us from time to time. The region grew fast and steadily under the strong support of Sr. Joyce Mary, the then Provincial Superior of Changanacherry and by the tireless and zealous effort of Sr. Concepta the 2nd Regional superior.

Eventually Pavitrathma Region grew into the maturity of a vice- province having 14 convents and 110 sisters. On 18th March 1998 the Region was raised to the status of vice – province by Rev.Mother Thecla, the then Superior General. The new provincial house at Dharampura, Jagdalpur was blessed and inaugurated on 18th March 1998 by Mar Simon Stock Palathra CMI, the Bishop of Jagdalpur, during the high solemn Holy Mass. Sr. Joyce Mary was elected as the first Provincial Superior. After their 3 years of Eucharistic centered administration the 2nd election was held on 18th December 2000 and Sr. Joyce Mary was re- elected. During the years the province has expanded into the diocese of Dumka, Ranchi and Visakhapatanam.

In December 2003 Sr.Concepta succeeds Sr.Joyce Mary and under her leadership we could extend our services to other new areas like Jamshedpur and Germany and the vice – province was raised to the status of Province. During the election synaxis that was held on 11th December 2006 Sr. Annie Valiyaveedu was elected as the Provincial Superior. During the year 2007- 2008 we extended our services to Italy and we opened two more convents at Shikohabad in Ettawah mission and Govindpur in Bhagalpur diocese. We also opened a centenary memorial mental asylum at Kolchur in Jagdalpur and centenary memorial special school for differently abled at Rajbadi, Orissa in Balasore diocese. In the year 2009 the provincial election Synaxis was held on 20th December and Sr. Anit Karottupulluveliparayil was elected as the provincial Superior. For the convenient administration and the spiritual guidance of the sisters the province is bifurcated and formed a new region named as Divya Jyothi region at Balasore in Orissa constituting Orissa, Jharkhand and Bihar States. Sr. Elsa Kizhakeyil is appointed as the regional Superior. The declaration and erection of the region was on 28th December 2009.

At present Pavitrathma Province have 34 convents which are spread out in 13 dioceses of 8 states namely Jagdalpur, Balasore, Gwalior, Agra, Ranchi, Dumka, Jamshedpur, Visakhapatanam, Bhagalpur, Jhansi and Kerala. We also have two houses in abroad one in Germany and other in Italy.

We have 159 sisters involved in various apostolic activities such as evangelization, education, healing ministry and other social activities. Following the example of our founder Servant of God Thomas Kurialacherry and the Co- foundress Mother Chantal who committed themselves for the poor and downtrodden our sisters render services to the needy, mentally and physically challenged, the deaf and the dumb & the destitute. We also have houses among the illiterate and backward people and tribals. Our sisters try to penetrate into the hearts of the illiterate people at Ghattiduba, Taldangal and at Bonuva by living a risky and challenging life and their life and work in the village are appreciated by all.

We have 5 perpetual Adoration centers, Jagdalpur, Kolchur & Tellimarenga in Chhattisgarh and Garhdeulia in Orissa and Gwalior in M.P. Thus the desire of our founder servant of God, Bishop Thomas Kurialacherry is being fulfilled that the Eucharistic Lord be known, loved and adored by all always and everywhere.