The congregation of the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (SABS) also known as Adoration Congregation is an indigenous religious congregation for women of Pontifical right, belonging to the Syro- Malabar Archiepiscopal church. Started with 5 members and having completed a glorious 108 years in its history the SABS congregation has now grown like a ‘mustard seed’ taking roots in 115 dioceses spread across the globe and radiate the Eucharistic presence through perpetual adoration and various ministries. At present, the SABS has about 5000 sisters spread over 19 provinces and 3 regions in 620 houses.

Having being established a hundred years back, starting with educational activities and institutions, apart from that now we are actively involved in hospital ministry, social initiative, press media, parish ministry and above all act as mediators for the pressing needs of the current time through incessant adoration… Read More

Venerable Thomas Kurialacherry

Thomas Kurialacherry, fondly called as Kunjuthomachen was born on January 14th, 1873 at Champakulam in Changanacherry, Kerala to Chackochen and Accamma. As a child, he grew up with extra ordinary goodness and piety. From his tender ages onwards Thomas had a special devotion to the Eucharistic Lord and Blessed Mother. To be a priest was his lifelong desire and he took the decision for priesthood while he was studying at Mannanam. While having his seminary education in Rome, being influenced and inspired by the Perpetual Adoration sisters who used to spend their day and night in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, he received an inner call to make the Eucharistic Lord known, loved and adored by all, …. Read More

Mother Mary Francesca de Chantal

Mother Chantal (Philomina Vallayil) was born on 23 December 1880 to Mathew and Mariamma at Champakulam. From her young age, she was impelled by a desire to love the Lord with her whole heart and give herself in service of the poor and needy. She had taken a firm decision right from her childhood which she kept intact till her death that she would not cause pain to Jesus or Mother Mary. Showing deep interest in spiritual activities, she attended daily Mass and was an active member of the Sodality of our Lady. Though she wanted to fulfill her desire to serve the humanity by becoming a Religious, she was forced by the family to give consent for her marriage. But, within a short time, she became a widow and returned …. Read More



I am extremely happy about the launching of the website. I wish you all the best. In today’s world connectedness has a very important role to play. The entire world experiences this connectedness where ever we are. To be connected with the SABS family is to be appreciated by all those who are related to our…

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The 2nd Vatican Council which was held from 1963 – 1965 has conscientised all the individual churches their obligation to proclaim the faith and salvation, which comes from Christ. Responding to this missionary call for evangelization after the great historical council we the S.A.B.S stepped out of Kerala to the other parts of…

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During the year 1987 when Pavitrathma Region decided to take up the responsibility of forming the candidates as it was an urgent need to have separate formation for the missionaries , Sneha Sadan Gaddeulia became an aspirantate in forming the future sisters for North India and gradually from among the north Indian girls..

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